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Animal Friends: Floating Orange Cubes

kids story Animal Friends


Other children’s books by Rob Towner

Romy’s Garden Adventures: Christmas City

Romy’s Garden Adventures: Burglar Brothers

Romy’s Garden Adventures: Easter Funny Bunny

Romy’s Garden Adventures: Hanukkah Antarctica

Extremely Short Stories: 2011 Collection

Bulk ordering of all books is available

4 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Hey, Rob
    I discovered you on /r/IAmA and I am really interested in you. Can I ask if you could tell me how to get my children’s picture book published. I know you self-publish yours but I really have no idea how that is any different.

  2. Some big differences man. Main one would be that self-publishers do all their own work in getting the word out about their story. Happy to discuss further anytime. My skype is – robtowner. Cheers, RT

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