Bedtime Story

I wrote this bedtime story for a little friend of mine named Noah. A perfect read for parents tucking kids into bed just before sleep time. Physical, illustrated copies will be made available on Amazon in a few months or so, but you can read it here now for free.

book cover night time story for kids

Little Baby Noah

Written by Rob Towner. For Noah, Christian & Dani.

What does little Noah dream about when he falls to sleep at night? Does he dream of little baby fish, trying to snatch a bite?

And about those little fishies that are swimming in the sea, do they dream of what it would be like to live on land with you and me?

Does the land even know that we exist? Can it feel us in its hand? Do mountains that have stood forever miss their old dinosaur friends?

When these mountains fall and crumble, what noises do they make? Do they scream ‘Aaaaarrrrghhh help I’m falling!’ or do they simply laugh and shake?

And when the mountains which turns to boulders which turns to rocks which turns to sand, finally end up at the beach do they go surfing and get a tan?

Does the sand on the beach get ticklish when it squishes between our toes? Would it rather be living in a desert, where hardly anybody goes?

When a fire burns out its last little spark, does it actually say ‘Goodbye’? Does the smoke coming out of the chimney, become friends with the clouds in the sky?

Does the moon in the sky wear pyjamas when it goes to sleep at night? Or does it stay awake watching little baby fish trying to take a bite?

Or does the moon do something else, without even making a peep? Indeed he does, he watches over Christian and Dani, rocking little Noah to sleep.

The end

Guess what. You can buy this in book form if you like. No pressure. Click through here if you want it X


  1. kristin shears

    Love that story (I read/rapped it inside my head using Snoop Dog/Lion’s voice & it sounded awesome.) Also, I spoke with the sand in the desert (my home) and it would rather be at the beach (so would I) but it’s still happy quietly living with a cactus.

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